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Acne treatment

Acne. It’s an issue that affects everyone at some point; some more than others. Acne, which is the most common skin disorder, affects an estimated 40 million people across America. Acne is often a result of hormone changes that causes your oil glands to produce more sebum. This ends up blocking your pores that in turn leads to bacteria growth, which causes the acne.

Although this is the most common reason people have acne, it can also be developed as a side effect from certain medicines like steroids or anti-convulsants. Some people are just prone to acne due to genetics. Studies have found that ½ adults that have acne also have an immediate family member with the same conditions. Although millions of people are affected by acne, not everyone experiences acne the same way. We’ve placed acne in 4 different categories (from mild to cystic) based on the most common experiences.

Treatment Options

Levulan Blu U

Levulan Blu U is a special, innovative photodynamic therapy treatment. The Levulan agent photosynthesizes when activated with the proper light wavelength; resulting in controlled acne inflammations by reducing the size of the pores and oil glands under the skin.*

Results from the Levulan treatment are usually noticeable after a full treatment*. The Levulan treatment is used to handle acne scars, acne vulgaris and severe acne rosacea.

Blue Light Laser

The blue light laser treatment is a gentle and non-invasive acne treatment method. The treatment uses a laser to gently kill bacteria within the sebaceous glands that cause acne. The treatment is completely safe and comfortable; it targets the glands that are deep within the skin without causing irritation or drying out your skin. With repeated quick and easy treatments, the Blue Light Laser will help prevent future breakouts while keeping your skin looking healthy and radiant.

Disclaimer: *Individual results may vary. Call for details. Compliance with our program is required.

Acne Treatments We Offer

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