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As we age our bodies begin to reduce the production of proteins and sugars that help keep our skin youthful. This means that skin can get age spots, wrinkles or show under eye circles. Our skin also gets thinner and looser as we age which can show more blood vessels and veins. This natural process can be prevented by being proactive.

Skin has 3 specific layers that all do a specific task. The first layer is the epidermis and it creates new skin cells while also maintaining the pigment cells which provide you with your unique individual skin colour. The second layer is where all the cells that give your skin flexibility are kept. In this layer collagen, elastin, sugars and amino acids are kept. These different molecules and proteins help keep your skin moist and give it it’s youthful appearance. The third layer of skin is where the fat is deposited. This fat is used to keep your skin warm and protect your muscles, blood vessels, important organs and body components like nerves and bones. All of these layers of skin contribute to the aging process.

It’s important to take preventive measures like wearing sunscreen with a strong SPF and creaming your skin frequently. These physical changes can also be slowed down by getting laser treatment, cosmetic surgery, dermal fillers and chemical peels. These procedures and treatments help to maintain a younger looking appearance. Browse our list of anti-aging treatments to see which one will work best for your skin type!

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