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Cellulite provides a dimpled or an orange peel type of look that is difficult to hide or remove at any age. Even when regular exercise is followed and attention is paid to the diet, cellulite can be almost impossible to get rid of due to genetic reasons. Most adult women have cellulite on their bodies to one degree or another and it is usually found on the thighs or the buttocks. A lot of women are embarrassed to show themselves on the beach or share in intimate situations due to this cellulite.

The muscles in the body have a natural fatty tissue padding around them that provides protection. There are fibers in these fatty cells that are cleaned and nourished with bodily fluids. This cleansing process can sometimes take longer than expected and as a result, wasted resources start to form into a thick gel-like substance. When these pockets of gel start to inch closer to the surface of the skin, the orange peel look is formed.

Folliculine and estrogen hormones can also play their part in establishing cellulite. Some women start to see the formation of cellulite during times of hormonal changes such as Menopause, Puberty and Pregnancy.

Hormones usually control the lymphatic drainage and the blood flow in the body. When this gets disrupted, a number of situations can come about including the sudden appearance of unwanted cellulite. It’s a dramatic new look that can be completely devastating to any woman and for this reason there has been a lot of demand for non-invasive and surgical cellulite treatments. Finally, an effective treatment has been established and has proven to be an effective solution in the battle against cellulite.

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