Laser Skin Resurfacing FAQs

Would Pixel Perfect treatment be right treatment for me?

If your skin appears to be aging, then Pixel Perfect would be a great treatment for you. Pixel Perfect is a more aggressive treatment and works well on people who are healthy and those who try their best to maintain their skin.

What kind of skin does Pixel Perfect work on?

No matter what kind of skin you have you can receive this treatment, however there are some extenuating circumstances where this treatment may not be the absolute best treatment for you. Visit us at Skinatomy and one of our professionals will assess your skin to ensure that you will receive great results upon completion of this procedure.

How long is the procedure?

It all depends on the condition of your skin. On average this treatment takes about half an hour to complete.

How safe is this treatment?

Pixel Perfect treatment is very safe. There are no injections or surgery involved in this kind of treatment. Following treatment your skin may be a little red. Don’t be alarmed. This is normal and will disappear in a short period of time. Ensure that you follow the instructions you are advised of by your physician as to what you are supposed to do after you receive treatment and you will have nothing to worry about.

Is this a painful procedure?

The pain you may feel during treatment is something that is different for every individual person. There are some over the counter medications that your doctor may recommend to you in order to relieve you from some of the discomfort you may feel. You will feel something that feels like sunburn after you receive treatment. This is normal and will dissipate.

Will I need a touch up later?

This treatment does not stop your aging process. What this treatment does do is change the appearance of your skin to make you look younger and more vibrant. The lasting effects of a single treatment are different for every individual. Most people who have received treatment will have a touch up done somewhere between six months and a year in order to maintain their appearance.

What is the Cost of this procedure?

The cost of this treatment depends where is being treated and the condition of your skin. Make an appointment and one of our specialists will meet with you and assess your situation. During this time they will also give you a quote.

NOTE: Individual results may vary.