Microdermabrasion FAQs

When are you able to receive photo rejuvenation treatment?

Photo rejuvenation will effectively treat the following:

  1. Melasma
  2. Age Spots
  3. Sun Spots
  4. Tiny blood vessels on face and legs
  5. Rosacea
  6. Acne
  7. Wrinkles
  8. Skin firmness
  9. Unwanted Hair
  10. Uneven skin

Where can be treated?

This is a treatment you can receive on any part of your body. The usual areas treated are:

  1. Face
  2. Back
  3. Neck
  4. Chest
  5. Shoulders

These areas are most common because they are the areas that are usually exposed to the sun the most.

How many times will I need to receive treatment?

How many treatments you will require depends on the condition of you skin as well as where you are receiving treatment. You may require anywhere from three to eight treatments. Each treatment can take up to thirty minutes.

Will I feel any pain during this procedure?

You should not feel any pain while receiving this treatment.

Following treatment is there anything to expect?

After treatment do not be alarmed if you see a little redness on the treated areas, the redness will disappear shortly after you have received treatment.

How long is recovery?

Immediately following this treatment you will be able to continue most of your day- to-day activities.

NOTE: Individual results may vary.