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There are many ways that people can get pigmentation, especially when you are out in the sun too long. Chemical changes in your body like hormones, antibiotics and anti-seizure drug stimulants can cause the colour of your skin to get darker. Acne which is usually a result of heredity or eating habits and picking at your skin can make your skin darker and force you to look for skin discolouration treatment.

The Condition

Pigmentation is usually found on the face and the hands. Physicians like to group the condition into four different categories. There is Lentigo which is less noticeable and are commonly known as freckles. Solar Lentigines is pigmentation that is caused by the sun. Another category is called Melasma which happens when a woman’s hormones fluctuate from pregnancy or birth control products. The last group is called Vitiligo. This was the disease that Michael Jackson popularized and is the less common out of all forms of pigmentation.


Since pigmentation can be caused by sunlight it is important for you take take precautionary measures. Make sure you wear and carry sunscreen with an SPF of 15 to protect your skin from future discolouration. Sunscreen is great for prevention, but to deal with the condition there are a few treatment options. Here at Skinatomy we can provide ultraviolet light therapy which can help reduce the look of discolouration over time. It works by lightening the darker spots so that it matches the rest of your skin tone for a vibrant youthful glow.

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