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What Are The Benefits of Medical Grade Skin Care?

Benefits of Medical-Grade Skin Care Products

1. FDA Approval: Medical companies have invested in clinical research to guarantee that their products work. They must pass the scrutiny of the Food and Drug Administration through double-blind and controlled trials. To receive FDA approval, the products must consistently and successfully do what they are designed to do. This brings the consumer great confidence and peace of mind. Over-the-counter products are self-regulated and most often have not been tested under the same guidelines.

2. Stronger Active Ingredients: Most medical-grade companies use highly stabilized ingredients that last longer and take longer to degrade. Over-the-counter products contain a much smaller percentage of active ingredients. 

3. Better Value: We have learned that medical-grade companies use more highly stabilized ingredients that last longer, but they also use more involved mechanisms of absorption that allows the product to be delivered to deeper areas  of the skin. Because of this, the products are a better value. You can use less product because they are better able to penetrate the skin. They will also have a longer shelf life which can mean your products last much longer than over-the-counter brands. This saves you money in the long run!

4. Medical Recommendation: When you invest in medical-grade skincare through a medspa or dermatologist’s officeyou are also getting a medical professional’s recommendation…or a step by step plan that is customized to your specific skin problems! They know your skin from a medical point of view and can recommend products that are perfect for you! There is no need to stand in the aisles of your favorite department store and try to guess which of the hundreds of products you need. Think of all the money you will save by not buying and throwing away things that don’t work!

5. Preventive Care: When you start using better products that are more effective and customized for your skin issues, you will actually be saving yourself skin problems down the road. In fact, when using medical-grade skincare, you are getting better anti-aging benefits while treating other skin issues you may have. You will look better in years to come because you invested in your skin early.

What’s The Bottom Line?

We feel that investing in medical-grade skincare will bring you a lifetime of great benefits. You will know the products work and that your medical professional can continuously guide you to the best choices, saving you money in the long haul. And, we are confident that your skin will be thanking you twenty years from now for keeping it healthy and young-looking!

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