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Will The Results of My Dermal Fillers Look Natural?

Many of the visible signs of aging are the result of volume loss. As we age, tissues thin out and lines form. Dermal fillers are gel-like substances that are injected beneath the skin which work to replace the lost volume, to smooth wrinkles, plump lips, and soften lines.  More than one million men and women get dermal fillers each year, making this one of the most popular treatments for combating the signs of aging.

Will The Results of My Dermal Fillers Look Natural?

The short answer to this question is a resounding YES, dermal fillers will have natural looking results. There is, however, one thing that you can do to ensure the best experience ever. Be sure that you seek out highly trained and licensed aestheticians to administer the fillers. At Skinatomy Laser Clinic, we pride ourselves on being the best and most highly qualified in our business. Reading the biographies on our website will give you the background about the staff that will be doing your treatments. You will also find helpful photo galleries and testimonials here as well. Your next step will be to schedule a consultation in which you describe your areas of concern and desired outcome with your aesthetician. Don’t leave your results to chance by thinking that you are saying or asking for too much. A seasoned professional will listen!

Consultations Available Now

Take the first step. Get your questions answered and find out which treatment option is best for you by meeting with one of our knowledgeable providers at Skinatomy Laser Clinic for an in-person consultation. Simply fill out the form on this page, and one of our experienced team members will reach out to you promptly to schedule your consultation.

What Happens If I Don’t Like My Results?

Over the years, techniques for administering dermal fillers have evolved so that, when expertly administered, they will look natural and their use undetectable by the people around you. For example, years ago, dermal fillers would just be used to fill in laugh lines on a person’s face. Today, however, physicians would inject a filler such as Restylane Lyft near the cheekbones to restore fullness, lifting the face and reducing the look of lines. A thorough discussion of what your problem areas are and how you would like to look will help the clinic plan your treatment. Once you have carefully considered who will administer your dermal fillers and what results you are looking for, you can be confident that you will be pleased with the results. But, if for some reason you are dissatisfied with the results, rest assured that there are ways to fix it. Fillers can be adjusted by injecting more filler to correct balance problems and as a last resort, enzyme injections can be given to completely dissolve the fillers.

You Can Be Confident

The bottom line is that once you have done the research required to find a licensed and experienced professional whose work you have viewed in their online photo galleries and if you have communicated openly with them about all of your expectations and reservations, you will have a positive and beautiful outcome! You will have smoother, fuller, and younger looking skin like the millions of men and women who have gone before you!


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