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LEVULAN® BLU-U photodynamic therapy is a specialized skincare treatment that uses “LEVULAN®”, a topical photosensitizing agent that is activated using a specific light wavelength (Blue Light or “BLU-U”). It is a non-invasive treatment that can be effective in treating and minimizing the effects of acne, severe acne rosacea, scarring, and other skin imperfections*.

LEVULAN® BLU-U photodynamic therapy (PDT) is a skin care treatment for those living with stubborn acne and scarring due to acne. This treatment can produce long-lasting improvement. LEVULAN® BLU-U works in three ways to treat and improve acne: it kills acne-causing bacteria, unclogs pores through exfoliation, and inhibits the oil production of oil glands (sebaceous glands). LEVULAN® BLU-U can also be considered as a treatment for precancerous sunspots (actinic keratosis) or sun-damaged skin.

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How it Works

LEVULAN®, which is also known as 5-aminolevulinic acid or ALA, is a medication that is applied to the affected areas of the skin. This agent makes the areas it is applied to more sensitive to the BLU-U light treatments. Blue Light (BLU-U) is cutting-edge technology in photo facial therapy. BLU-U is a painless pulse of blue light that is administered to the skin. The LEVULAN® that has previously been applied topically to areas of concern makes these areas more sensitive and receptive to the photodynamic therapy of the blue light. The blue light reaches just far enough into the skin tissue to target the problem area and does not damage any surrounding tissue. If you have sun spots, sun-damaged skin, or actinic keratosis, LEVULAN® BLU-U can be a non-surgical option for treating this damaged tissue.

LEVULAN® BLU-U photodynamic therapy uses the benefits of light for skin rejuvenation and does not contain radiation. Since it is topically applied to damaged cells, the surrounding skin tissue is not affected. LEVULAN® BLU-U is a non-invasive, non-surgical option for those suffering from skin issues related to sun damage, blotchy pigmentation, and acne.



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