The Accent RF

Radiofrequency is a new alternative skin treatment that has been based on radiofrequency dual -layer thermotherapy. Also known as Accent RF, this procedure is the only one of its kind that uses 2 RF technologies including bipolar and unipolar. This unique state-of-the-art technology can reach 2 different tissue depths to provide controlled tissue heating.

The bipolar heating works on the skin’s surface layer and the unipolar heating penetrates deep down into the skin levels for complete thermotherapy. While the bipolar technique works to smooth the skin’s texture at the surface level, the unipolar method sends electromagnetic alternating fields into the deeper tissues. This causes heating and friction, which can result in firmer skin with an improved shape*. When applied together, this dual-level cellulite treatment can create changes in the appearance without invasive surgery.

Accent radiofrequency improves the look of cellulite through the use of thermal deep heating of the skin’s fatty layers below the surface. The combination of heat and radio waves also promotes wound healing in the body. The result can be tissue tightening and an increased blood circulation level*. This increased circulation leads to improved lymphatic system draining that reduces the size and amount of cellulite. As an added bonus, the radio waves and heat combination also stimulates collagen reproduction to provide a youthful and smooth appearance to the skin. Clients may notice cellulite reduction but may also see an improvement in skin tone.*

Following your treatment you may notice a tingling, warm sensation in the area that has been treated. You may also see some redness in the treated area but this will go away quickly. It usually takes about 30 to 60 minutes to complete a treatment and the amount of time required will depend on the size of the area that needs to be addressed. It is important to drink a lot of water after each treatment to help your body flush away any toxins. Other than drinking extra water, there are no other restrictions on the activities that you can perform following the procedure.

Disclaimer: *Individual results may vary. Call for details. Compliance with our program is required.