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How Long Does a Chemical Peel Take?

With so many facial treatment options for rejuvenating your skin, how do you know which one to choose? Chemical peels offer unmatched versatility, letting your Skinatomy skincare expert customize the ideal treatment for your needs. Chemical peels can treat a wide range of skin concerns, and we offer peels suitable for all skin types. 

What is a Chemical Peel?

Chemical peels are highly customizable options for skin rejuvenation and treating skin concerns. They can treat issues including acne, pigmentation problems, and wrinkles. They typically use one or more acids, such as salicylic, glycolic, or trichloroacetic acids. These effectively remove the outermost layers of skin to reveal a healthier, smoother surface.

Chemical peels are one of our most customizable treatment options, allowing our skincare experts to choose one that treats your concerns and fits your busy lifestyle. Since one chemical peel can address so many skin issues simultaneously, chemical peels may provide an effective solution at a lower cost than other treatment options.

Chemical Peels Toronto, Mississauga

How Does a Chemical Peel Work?

Chemical peels treat the skin through the process of chemical exfoliation. When you think of exfoliation, you may think of scrubs or microdermabrasion. These manually remove the outer layers of dead and damaged skin cells. Chemical peels exfoliate these damaged skin cells by breaking up the bonds holding the layers together, letting them be smoothed away.

Factors that determine how deeply a chemical peel works include the strength of the acid and how long the peel is left on your skin. Facial peels exfoliate away layers of skin, with more intensive peels working on deeper layers. Peels that act on deep layers of skin will have more downtime than those that only treat superficial layers. 

How Long Does a Chemical Peel Take?

Your Skinatomy skincare expert will determine how long your peel should stay on. However, most of our chemical peels last about one hour. Your provider will apply the peel to your face and leave it on while it works, then remove it or neutralize it to stop the process. Getting a chemical peel is not usually uncomfortable, although some people report sensations like warmth or tingling. 

Light peels, also known as “lunchtime peels,” may take less time, but they only treat the outermost layers of skin. We typically recommend medium-strength peels for the ideal combination of convenience and results. Some deep peels can take longer since your provider treats areas of the face separately. 

What Kinds of Chemical Peels Are Available?

Facial peels range from very gentle to very powerful. Having choices allows us to find a peel that achieves your desired results on your timeline. Each person’s treatment plan varies according to their needs. 


Light peels are usually used to brighten and refresh the skin. They treat the outermost layers, making them most effective on superficial skin issues. They have little to no downtime, but the results do not last as long as deeper peels and more sessions are needed. 


Medium peels are used to treat a wide range of skin concerns, including lines, wrinkles, acne scars, and pigmentation issues. These peels have more downtime than a light peel but can treat more significant skin problems with fewer sessions. 


Deep peels are not as common as other types because they have considerable recovery time. However, they offer a powerful way to treat deep wrinkles, scarring, and precancerous lesions. Most people will only need one deep peel in a lifetime. 

Brightening Peel

Our specialized Brightening Peel treats hyperpigmentation by targeting melanin to fade sun damage, age spots, and other pigmentation problems. This minimal-downtime peel can address significant pigment issues with a series of treatments. 

Hollywood Peel

The Hollywood Carbon Peel is unique in that it uses a laser to work. A black carbon solution is applied to the skin, then activated with laser energy to break up melanin pigment and trigger skin renewal. This peel is growing in popularity due to the bright, glowing skin it provides.

Consultations Available Now

Take the first step. Get your questions answered and find out which treatment option is best for you by meeting with one of our knowledgeable providers at Skinatomy Laser Clinic for an in-person consultation. Simply fill out the form on this page, and one of our experienced team members will reach out to you promptly to schedule your consultation.

What Can a Chemical Peel Treat?

We recommend chemical peels for many different aesthetic concerns. You may benefit from a chemical peel if you want to treat one or more of these skin issues:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Acne scars
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Sun damage
  • Acne
  • Dullness
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Textural irregularities
  • Skin laxity

Discuss all your concerns with your skincare expert so they can choose the best peel to address them effectively. Some chemical peels target specific concerns, such as hyperpigmentation, while others can address a wide range of issues simultaneously. 

Is There Any Downtime After a Chemical Peel?

The effects of a chemical peel will vary depending on the type of peel. Light peels usually require no downtime. If you have a moderate-strength peel, you may experience redness, sensitivity, scabs, and peeling for a week or two. Your skin will require sun protection while it heals to prevent damage. Ask your skincare expert about products they recommend for your skin after a chemical peel. 

How Often Should I Have a Chemical Peel?

How often you have a chemical peel depends on several factors, including:

  • The type and severity of your skin concerns
  • Your goals
  • Your schedule
  • How much downtime you are willing to tolerate
  • The strength of the peel

You can have some light peels as often as every few weeks. Medium peels are usually scheduled several months apart, and many people choose to have an occasional maintenance treatment in the future. Deep peels are usually performed once, and most people will not need another one. 

Am I a Good Candidate for a Chemical Peel?

Almost anyone can benefit from one of our range of facial peels. Good candidates are healthy adults with reasonable expectations. Unlike many lasers, most chemical peels are safe for all skin types and tones. Almost anyone is a good candidate, but only a consultation can determine for sure. Individuals of all ages can see benefits from a chemical peel. 

You should not have a chemical peel if you have an active skin condition, injury, or infection in the treatment area. Chemical peels may not be recommended for people with certain medical conditions. Discuss any skin sensitivities or reactions with your skincare expert. 


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