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How Long Does Discoloration Last After Vein Treatment?

How Long Does Discoloration Last After Vein Treatment?

You’ve recently had treatments for spider veins and now those unsightly veins are dark and discolored. What happened to the beautiful, even skin tone that you were hoping for? Let us tell you about two of our most requested vein treatments and how you will see the beautiful skin you are hoping for!

Why Are the Veins Still Discolored After Vein Treatment?

Spider Veins are raised and swollen blood vessels that can be seen through the skin that most commonly twist and turn their way across a person’s legs or face. They are caused when blood pools in veins near the surface of the skin. They can be caused by heredity, trauma, changes in hormone levels, obesity, or even lifestyle issues such as standing or sitting for long periods of time. In many cases, the exact cause is not known. Once these veins are treated with one of our laser treatments, it is common to continue to see discoloration because the non-invasive laser treatments work gently on your veins and with your body’s own healing processes. Most patients see their spider veins vanish in 3-6 treatments which are spaced 2-3 weeks apart.

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What Laser Vein Treatments Are Available?

At Skinatomy Laser Clinic, we have two type of laser treatments that can effectively treat your spider veins. The first is the ND Yag Treatment. This treatment gets its name from the neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet crystal that is used in this laser treatment. This infrared laser targets melanin found in the skin and works to break it down so it can be absorbed by your body over time. Most patients need 3-6 treatments which are spaced 2-3 weeks apart to rid their skin of the appearance of spider veins by breaking them down and allowing them to be flushed away by your body’s own natural healing process.

Another excellent treatment that we offer is the IPL Photofacial. This Intense Pulsed Light treatment can remove spider veins, even out skin discoloration, get rid of freckles, and improve rosacea. It does this by targeting certain cells without damaging other skin cells. The IPL laser delivers multiple wavelengths, which are three times stronger than regular laser therapies, and targets the second layer of skin. With this treatment, there is no downtime because only the second layer of skin is targeted. Most patients need 3-5 treatments performed 2 to 3 weeks apart to achieve the best results. Again, the discoloration will fade over time as your body absorbs the cells that have been broken down.

Because both of these treatments work by breaking down the cells that are causing the discoloration and then allows for your body to naturally absorb them, the discoloration will be visible until your body has gone through its natural healing process. Additionally, these non-invasive treatments gently work of discoloration through a series of 3-5 treatments, so full results will be seen in approximately 6 to 12 weeks. Individual results will vary.


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