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How Long Does Lip Filler Last?

Whether your lips have thinned with age or you have always wished for more volume, lip fillers are a safe, effective way to boost your lips for a plumper, fuller look. In the hands of a Skinatomy Laser Clinic injection specialist, lip filler results look soft, natural, and a perfect complement to your facial features. Whether you want dramatically full, luxurious lips or a subtle boost of volume, lip fillers are a fast, convenient way to achieve your desired look. 

What are Lip Fillers?

Lips fillers are a type of dermal filler that has a formula designed specifically for the lips. While other dermal fillers have a thicker, dense texture that lets them add definition to the cheeks or smooth deep wrinkles, lip fillers use a flexible formula that moves naturally when you laugh, smile, or talk. This flexible texture also makes lip fillers useful for treating fine vertical lines along the edges of the lips and providing a more defined lip border.

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What are Lip Fillers Made Of?

At Skinatomy, we offer a range of dermal fillers to address all your needs, including several lip filler options, including members of the popular Restylane® and Juvederm® families. While dermal fillers can use a wide variety of materials, most lip fillers are made of hyaluronic acid. This material, which is found naturally in your skin, attracts and binds moisture to plump your skin with natural-looking hydration. 

Because your body recognizes this material, hyaluronic acid fillers are the most widely used type of dermal fillers. Fillers designed for use in the lips have a smooth, soft formula that adds volume without making your lips look overly defined or stiff. The variety of lip fillers available allows your expert injector to give you a look as subtle or dramatic as you desire. 

How Long Does Lip Filler Last?

While lip fillers are long-lasting, they will eventually be removed by your body. While dermal fillers for areas like the cheeks can last two years or even longer, lip fillers must be more flexible. As a result, they usually last six months to a year. Results will vary depending on the type of filler and your body’s metabolism. Each person’s body removes dermal fillers at a different rate, which can be difficult to predict. 

How your lip filler is injected can affect how long it lasts. You can get the most out of your lip filler by having it injected by an experienced professional. We also recommend using medical-grade lip care products to maintain a plump, healthy look. Choosing a lip product with sunscreen also helps protect your lips from future signs of aging. We can help you choose the best products for you from our wide range of skincare brands. 

Is There Any Downtime After Lip Filler?

Like other dermal filler injections, lip filler usually requires no downtime. You can return to your usual activities immediately. Your lips may look swollen and feel sensitive for a day or two after treatment, and some people notice minor bruising. Avoiding alcohol, NSAIDs like aspirin and ibuprofen, and certain supplements can reduce the likelihood of bruises. You can resume your work and other activities but follow any instructions from your injector. 

How to Prepare for Lip Filler

Lip filler requires very little preparation. Taking good care of your lips is the best way to ensure they are ready for filler injections. Along with avoiding alcohol and NSAIDs for a few days before treatment, we also recommend:

  • Avoiding excessive sun exposure since lips are sensitive to sun damage
  • Stop or change other medications if your injector recommends it
  • Arrive for your appointment with no makeup or products on your lips

Your appointment may be rescheduled if you have an active skin condition or infection around your lips. Let your injector know if you are prone to cold sores or other skin concerns around the area. Taking good care of your lips with medical-grade skincare products can help keep them soft and healthy for treatment. 

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What Does Getting Lip Filler Feel Like?

You might think getting lip injections would be uncomfortable, but numbing cream applied before treatment ensures that you feel almost nothing during treatment. Lip filler injections can take as little as fifteen minutes. Some people report feeling a small pinch but are generally happy to return for future treatments. If you want lip fillers but have a lot of anxiety about needles, discuss your concerns during your consultation so we can discuss ways to help. 

Am I a Good Candidate for Lip Fillers?

Lip fillers are FDA-approved for almost anyone over the age of 21 who wants to add volume to their lips. Good candidates are typically in good health and have reasonable expectations about what their results will look like and how long they will last. 

You may not be a good candidate for lip fillers if you have certain medical conditions or are pregnant. People who have had a negative reaction to hyaluronic acid fillers in the past may also not be recommended for lip fillers. Only a consultation will allow us to consider all the relevant factors and determine whether lip fillers are right for you. 

What are the Benefits of Lip Fillers?

People choose lip fillers for a variety of reasons and have different goals. However, they can help almost anyone achieve the lips they want. The benefits of lip filler can include:

Restore Youthful Lip Volume

Aging can affect your lips in several ways. Along with losing volume, your lips may also look thinner because the skin between your lip and nostrils has become looser, letting your upper lip droop. Lip filler can restore plump, youthful lips with a few convenient injections. 

Correct Naturally Thin Lips

If you were born with thin lips, you may feel self-conscious about them, especially in the era of over-plumped celebrity pouts. Lip filler can give you fuller, more defined lips that perfectly suit your features, make it easier to apply lipstick, and boost your confidence. 

Fill Fine Lip Lines

The flexible texture of lip fillers means that some can also be used for fine lines around the lips. Lip filler gives you a more youthful appearance, helps your lips look more defined, and prevents lipstick from creeping into your fine lines. 


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